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Model Channel Width Resulting Diameter Price Buy
Click to view demonstration AC-1 7/16" 5-1/4" $60.00 BUY
AC-2 9/16" 3-1/2" $80.00 BUY

Purpose:  Used to put two curvatures simultaneously into metal without marring.  Perfect for making bracelets, rings, bangles and is indispensable in doing jewelry repair work.   Similar to the Synclastic tool but produces a concave curve (Anti-Clastic) instead of a convex curve.

InstructionsChannel Width  is the maximum width (in inches) of metal that can be properly formed by tool.  The resulting diameter is the diameter (in inches) of the circle formed by the tool.  If desired, the diameter of the result can easily be increased or decreased on a mandrel or with one of our ring or bracelet makers.  Any engraving or designs can be performed on flat stock before forming.  The tool will not mar them.  Preferably, metal should be dead soft (annealed) before forming.  Begin by putting one end of the metal to be formed into the tool from the side, lined up with the channel.   Repeatedly squeeze the handles while slowly feeding your metal into the tool. You will see the result coming out with both curvatures in it.  After forming, the metal becomes work hardened.  Because of the synclastic shape of the metal after forming, the tensile strength is equal to twice the metal gauge.   The smaller the distance that the metal is moved while forming, the smoother the curvature of the result.  The metal should be kept in the center of the channel at all times.  If this is done, the metal will take the shape of a perfect circle.


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