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Cylinder Anti-Clastics

Model Channel Width Cylinder Diameter Price Buy
Click to watch demonstration video of CAC-4 CAC-0 3/16" 1" $40.00 BUY
CAC-1 5/16" 1-1/8" $45.00 BUY
CAC-2 5/16" 1-1/2" $50.00 BUY
CAC-3 3/8" 1-3/4" $60.00 BUY
CAC-4 3/8" 2" $70.00 BUY
CAC-5 1/2" 2-1/8" $80.00 BUY
CAC-6 9/16" 2-1/2" $90.00 BUY
CAC-7 5/8" 3" $95.00 BUY
CAC-8 3/4" 3-1/2" $95.00 BUY

Purpose:  Used to put one or two curvatures (Synclastic) into metal without marring.  Similar to the Anti-Clastic tool but available in more sizes for working with very narrow and very wide metal, plus it is capable of putting a single curvature into metal.  The result can be smooth or textured, depending on how far you move the metal between squeezes.  Perfect for making bracelets, rings, bangles and is indispensable in doing jewelry repair work.

Note: Sizes 6 and above have a half cylinder to make the tool more manageable and reduce weight.

Instructions:  Channel width is the maximum width (in inches) of metal that can be properly formed by tool.  The cylinder diameter is the diameter (in inches) of the circle formed by the tool.  If desired, the diameter of the result can easily be increased or decreased on a mandrel or with one of our ring or bracelet makers.  Any engraving or designs can be performed on flat stock before forming.  The tool will not mar them.  Preferably, the metal should be dead soft before forming.  Begin by putting one end of the metal to be formed into the tool from the side, lined up with the channel.   Repeatedly squeeze the handles while slowly feeding your metal into the tool.  Moving the metal larger distances between squeezes results in a hand-made texture.   Moving the metal smaller distances between squeezes results in a smoother finish.   The metal should be kept in the center of the channel at all times.  After forming, the second curvature can be introduced by holding one end of your half-pipe shaped metal in the tool and then forming the metal around the cylinder with your thumb.  After forming, the metal becomes work hardened.  Because of the synclastic shape of the metal after forming, the tensile strength is equal to twice the metal gauge.

Your tool comes with flexible, adhesive black tabs.  Putting one of these on the ball will ensure your resulting metal is smooth. Without the black tabs your metal will have a rippled, hand made look.


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